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Intersecting Health and Wellness: Research Networking Session

Tue. Jan. 17 12:30 PM - Tue. Jan. 17 01:30 PM
Contact: r.keijzer@uwinnipeg.ca
Location: Zoom or 3RC060 (Aabijijiwan New Media Lab)

Intra-UW research networking session: Intersecting Health and Wellness

The Research Office and collaborators from the Prairie Climate Centre are responding to requests to bolster intra-UW collaboration by creating space for networking around research topics (as opposed to disciplines) to grow awareness of UW research and create space for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Format: informal panel of UW researchers, variety of disciplines and methodologies represented

Audience: Faculty, students, research assistants/coordinators, etc. All are welcome!

Moderator: TBA


Yannick Molgat-Seon (Kinesiology and Applied Health)

Dr. Molgat-Seon is an exercise physiologist with a particular interest in respiratory physiology. The overarching aim of his research is to improve our understanding of how respiratory factors influence exercise performance in healthy humans across the lifespan and in patients with chronic respiratory disease.


Natalie Richer (Kinesiology and Applied Health)

Dr. Richer’s research using mobile brain imaging to examine the effect of aging on the neural control of balance. She is also investigating the effect of attentional focus on balance, to find ways to improve postural control in older adults.


Mary Jane McCallum (History)

Dr. McCallum is the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People, History, and Archives. Her work is inspired by Aboriginal women's histories and is invested in reshaping modern Aboriginal history in ways that engage with Native and Indigenous Studies, gender and women's history, labour history, medical/health history and histories of race in Canada.


Stephanie Bugden (Psychology)

Dr. Bugden uses behavioural and brain imaging methods to understand how children develop basic numeracy skills, and why some children struggle to learn math. Her goal is that taking a multidisciplinary approach, her research will help improve early identification of children at risk for math learning difficulties and classroom interventions.


Jaime Cidro (Anthrolopolgy)

Dr. Cidro a CIHR-funded Canada Research Chair in Health and Culture and takes a collaborative approach to her research, much of which is focused on Indigenous maternal and child health, and she partners with many Indigenous organizations and communities for her projects. 


Sara Good (Biology)

Dr. Sara Good uses mouse and fish models, molecular, statistical and computer-based approaches to study the evolution of genomes and gene families, molecular population genomics and evolutionary genomics.


Drake Hechter (Biology)

Ph.D. student interested in nutrition and its role in aging, longevity, and chronic disease. His work uses animal models to understand the mechanisms by which calorie restriction (CR) may ameliorate the pathophysiology and behaviour associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).