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The Research Office is located on the 3rd Floor at 599 Portage Avenue in the University of Winnipeg's Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex.

Jino DistasioVice-President, Research and Innovation
Jino Distasio

phone:  204.982.1147
office:  3RC075B
email:  j.distasio@uwinnipeg.ca

Jaime CidroAssociate Vice-President, Research and Innovation
Jaime Cidro

phone:  204.988.7675
office:  3RC086
email:  j.cidro@uwinnipeg.ca

Bea SpearingExecutive Assistant to the Vice-President and Associate Vice-President
Bea Spearing

phone:  204.786.9734
office:  3RC075A
email:  b.spearing@uwinnipeg.ca

Bea Spearing joined the Research Office in 2000. Prior to that, she was in the Dean of Arts and Science office for 13 years.  She completed her studies at Red River Community College in Business Administrative.  Bea has extensive years of knowledge with an administrative background and experience working with the university community and senior administration.  Contact Bea about:

  • Appointments and/or messages to the Vice-President and Associate Vice-President
  • Supports the Vice-President and Associate Vice-President with the administrative operations of the Research Office
  • General Inquires
  • Supports and advises with the hiring of Postdoctoral Fellows, hosting Visiting Scholars and Research Scholars

Lauren Bosc Lead Program Officer, Research Partnerships
Lauren Bosc

phone:  204.988.7184
office:  3RC082
email:  l.bosc@uwinnipeg.ca

Lauren Bosc joined the Research Office in 2021, but has been staff at UWinnipeg since completing an MA in Cultural Studies – Texts and Cultures at UWinnipeg in 2014. Her academic background is interdisciplinary, touching upon studies of media and literature and their intersections with Women’s and Gender Studies and Cultural Studies. Contact Lauren about:

  • Research Partnerships
  • Research Committee – Internal Awards
  • Senate Research Policy Committee
  • Contracts, MOUs, Agreements

Vanessa Bayaraa Program Officer, Natural Sciences Research
Rachel Keijzer

phone:  204.786.9137
office:  3RC081
email:  r.keijzer@uwinnipeg.ca

Rachel Keijzer joined the Research Office in 2022. She has a BEd, BA, and MA from the University of Winnipeg. Previously, Rachel managed a research support unit focused on pediatric clinical research as well as a federally funded health program for a tribal council in Manitoba. Contact Rachel about:

  • NSERC and CIHR
  • Natural science related grants
  • CFI and infrastructure related grants
  • Research Manitoba

Vanessa Bayaraa Program Officer, Research and Ethics
Vanessa Bayaraa

phone:  204.786.9058
office:  3RC076C
email:  ethics@uwinnipeg.ca [for all ethics-related inquiries] / v.bayaraa@uwinnipeg.ca

Vanessa Bayaraa joined the Research Office in 2020 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Previously, she worked as a Senior Research Coordinator for six years in health research and as a Taxpayer Request Re-assessor for three years with Canada Revenue Agency. Contact Vanessa about:

  • Human Ethics
  • Animal Ethics
  • WebGrants Accounts

Dylan JonesProgram Officer, Canada Research Chair Advisor and Special Initiatives
Dylan Jones
phone:  204.258.3065
office:  3RC080
email:  d.jones@uwinnipeg.ca

Dylan Jones joined the Research Office in 2021, but has been a staff member at the UWinnipeg since 2019. Previously, he worked in the Faculty of Graduate Studies as the Awards and Communications Officer. Dylan completed both his BA and MA at the UWinnipeg and recently completed a certification in Project Management at Red River College. Contact Dylan about

  • Canada Research Chairs Program
  • Undergraduate Student Research and Travel Awards (NSERC USRA / UW-USRA-HS / USTG)
  • Mitacs
  • Research Mentorship Program
  • Post-Award Research Support
    • Opening and Closing Research Accounts
    • Purchasing and Research Account Finances
    • Research Account Extensions and Transfers

Image of Larissa WodtkeProgram Officer, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Decolonization (EDI/AR/D) and Research
Larissa Wodtke

phone:  204.258.2983
office:  3RC076B
email:  l.wodtke@uwinnipeg.ca

Larissa Wodtke joined the Research Office in 2022, but has worked at UWinnipeg since 2009 in various roles. She has an MA from University of Waterloo and her career has taken her into many disciplines, including publishing her own research on popular music. Contact Larissa about

  • EDI/AR/D strategies in your research program
  • Support to include EDI/AR/D strategies into grant applications in all disciplines
  • EDI/AR/D professional development
  • Dimensions and institutional EDI/AR/D research initiatives

For general inquiries about the following and all other research-related services not listed above, please email researchoffice@uwinnipeg.ca.

Chair, Animal Ethics Committee
Dr. Desiree Vanderwel

email:  d.vanderwel@uwinnipeg.ca

Chair, Human Research Ethics Board
Dr. Robert Pryce

email:  uhrebchair@uwinnipeg.ca

Chair, Research Committee