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Visiting Scholars

Guidelines for Hosting a Visiting Scholar
  1. The faculty member wishing to host is responsible for completing the Visiting Scholar Appointment Request Form, upon identifying a potential scholar (see Form[s] below).
  2. The form should be completed by placing an (X) in the appropriate boxes, filling in the blanks, specifying the length of the Visiting Scholar’s term and confirming availability of funds (if required) to support any expenses associated with the appointment.
  3. Confirming housing is the responsibility of the Visiting Scholar.
  4. The faculty member host forwards the completed form, CV, and award/authorization letters (if applicable) to their Department Chair and Dean to obtain signature approval.
  5. Once the signatures have been obtained, the faculty member host should attach CV, and all applicable documents to the form and forward to the office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation (VPRI) for final approval.
  6. The office of the VPRI will consult and engage with the Immigration Consultant, Human Resources before issuing a Letter of Invitation to the Visiting Scholar.
  7. A Letter of Invitation will be composed and sent to the Visiting Scholar for acceptance. Upon receipt of the acceptance, copies of the Letter of Invitation shall be provided to Human Resources, Vice-President Academic, and the President.
Guidelines for hosting an International Visiting Scholar

It is suggested that faculty sponsors and International Visiting Scholars consider at least six (6) months of lead time to ensure all documents are in place, due to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) processing times. 

International Visiting Scholars will require a work permit. While they are exempt from a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), the University must submit an Offer of Employment and Employer Compliance Fee of $230.00 to IRCC for them to be eligible to apply for a work permit. Upon successful submission, IRCC will issue the Offer of Employment Number required to apply for a work permit.

The process to obtain the Offer of Employment Number:

  • Faculty sponsor completes the above process for hosting a Visiting Scholar;
  • After the Letter of Invitation is accepted in writing, HR will contact the International Visiting Scholar directly to collect information needed for the Offer of Employment submission to IRCC;
  • HR will submit the Offer of Employment and Employer Compliance Fee to IRCC; and
  • HR will provide the Visiting Scholar with the Offer of Employment Number required to apply for their work permit.

All questions related to hosting an International Visiting Scholar should be directed to:

Kareem Alkhaldi
Immigration Consultant, Human Resources

Visiting Scholar Appointment Request Form


A Visiting Scholar is a researcher or faculty member with a PhD with ongoing affiliation (full-time appointment) at an academic institution.  The Visiting Scholar at UWinnipeg should have an ongoing presence on campus, conduct research and participate in institutional activities such as:

  • Delivering formal lectures to the host institution;
  • Engaging in discussions with research students;
  • Undertaking collaborative research with faculty and staff;
  • Contributing to the university's teaching by presenting guest lecture or faculty seminars; and
  • Presenting at a public event.

Please note that there is no remuneration associated with the Visiting Scholar status other than office space (if available and may be shared), access to library privileges, email and printing/copying during the appointment.

At times, a Visiting Scholar may be funded through a recognized establish research program.  If the program allows for a Visiting Scholar, please contact Bea Spearing directly at 204.786.9734.

If you require additional information, please contact:

Bea Spearing
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Research and Innovation