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Animal Care

Important Notices:

  • August 28, 2023 - Attention Animal Care Users, the animal ethics application form has been updated on WebGrants. The main application is now in a fillable PDF format that can be downloaded and shared amongst collaborators. The PDF form can be found in the same WebGrants Animal Ethics Application area as previously used. Upon completion of the form, users can upload the PDF into their WebGrants application and then proceed to attach any schedules or other attachments. If you have any technical issues or any questions about this new form, please email ethics@uwinnipeg.ca

Meeting Schedule

*Applications must be submitted 3 weeks before the meeting date to be considered at the upcoming UACC meeting. Applications submitted late will be considered at the next regularly scheduled meeting. It is also recommended that researchers contact the Vivarium Director (r.cole@uwinnipeg.ca) and the Veterinarian (v.smid@uwinnipeg.ca) prior to and/or during their ethics submission to ensure that the facility and personnel can accommodate the project.

UACC Meeting Date Submission Deadline 
Thurs, 14 Sept. 2023 Thurs, 24 Aug. 2023
Tues, 24 Oct. 2023 Tues, 3 Oct. 2023
Tues, 21 Nov. 2023 Tues, 31 Oct. 2023
Tues, 12 Dec. 2023 Tues, 21 Nov. 2023
Thurs, 18 Jan. 2024 Thurs, 21 Dec. 2023
Tues, 13 Feb. 2024 Tues, 23 Jan. 2024
Tues, 12 Mar. 2024 Tues, 20 Feb. 2024
Tues, 16 Apr. 2024 Tues, 26 Mar. 2024
Thurs, 16 May 2024 Thurs, 25 Apr. 2024
Tues, 11 June 2024 Tues, 21 May 2024










Questions? Contact:

Ethics Program Officer