Sara Good


Sara Good Title: Associate Professor
Office: 2RC054
Building: Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex
Phone: 204.786.9434

Research Interests:

In my research group, we combine laboratory techniques in molecular genetics with tools in bioinformatics, phylogenetics, and molecular evolution to study the evolution of genomes and gene families. The two main study systems in the laboratory concern the evolution and expression of relaxin family peptides in vertebrates, especially teleost and the evolution of self-incompatibility systems in plants. The relaxin family of ligands are a diverse group of peptides hormones involved in neuroendocrine and reproductive functions. We are studying the evolution of the gene family across vertebrates and focussing on the expression and evolution of genes in fish. I also perform molecular population genetic analyses of diverse study organisms, especially those that are of concern for conservation, and welcome collaboration on molecular population genetics of plant and animal species.

For additional information or to join the laboratory, you will find more information on my blogspot at or lab webpage at