Research Office

A Research Contract is a legally binding agreement between two corporate bodies (namely, the sponsor and the University) whereby the sponsor provides financial support for research in a particular subject area or field under specific stipulations and conditions.

When an opportunity arises to participate in a research contract, contact the Research and Innovation Office as soon as possible.  The Research and Innovation Office will assist you in negotiating all aspects of the contract.  Only the University has the authority to enter into a contract with an external agency or client.  The researcher will be noted as the Principal Investigator in the contract.

When contacting the Research and Innovation Office, the research must provide:

  • Contact information for the agency or client;
  • Dollar value of the contract;
  • Schedule of payment;
  • Invoicing arrangements (if required);
  • A budget detailing how the funds will be spent.  This includes a defined percentage that is the unversity's overhead fee as well as other expenditures (e.g., salaries, materials & supplies, travel, equipment);
  • A description of the research service being delivered (i.e., work plan);
  • Any special terms (e.g., time frames, milestones).

Personal contracts for research negotiated between an individual and an external agency and signed by that individual will not be administered by the University.  University facilities, equipment and supplies cannot be used for activities carried out under such contracts.

If you are planning on entering into a research contract, contact:

Vanessa Bayaraa, Program Officer, Research Implementation

The University of Winnipeg Contract Adminstration Policy - DRAFT

Contract template and guidelines