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IMPORTANT: Personal Contracts for research negotiated between an individual and an external agency and signed by that individual will not be administered by the University. University facilities, equipment and supplies cannot be used for activities carried out under such contracts.


University of Winnipeg Contract Administration Policy

The University of Winnipeg's contract administration policy is currently under review and will be updated soon. The current policy is listed below:

The University of Winnipeg Contract Administration Policy

Contract Review

A Research Contract is a legally binding agreement between two corporate bodies (namely, the sponsor and the University) whereby the sponsor provides financial support for research in a particular subject area or field under specific stipulations and conditions. Only the University has the authority to enter into a contract with an external agency or client. When an opportunity arises to participate in a research contract, contact the Research Office as soon as possible. We will assist you in negotiating all aspects of the contract.

Effective September 30, 2020, a request to review any NEW agreements (including amended agreements) start with an RSH form in WebGrants. The main goal of the RSH form is to generate your case number in our software system (RSH Form in WebGrants) to track the file and ensure it is in our records. If you require support to draft a contract, rather than to review a contract already drafted, please fill out the Contract Drafting Form and submit it in your RSH form.

To submit a Research Starts Here (RSH) form, please see the instructions and view the video link for step-by-step directions on how to complete the form.


If you are planning on entering into a research contract, please contact the Research Office (researchoffice@uwinnipeg.ca) or:

Research Office Legal and Administrative Assistant