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Student Supports

Access education students at a coomputer

The learning opportunities facilitated by ITEP are designed to address the unique challenges facing foreign trained teachers.

Our program includes:

  • Additional language training and voice coaching
  • Work experience in a Manitoba school setting
  • Overcoming stereotyping
  • Improving knowledge of Manitoba school culture and classroom management strategies
  • Training in understanding Manitoba curriculum and assessment strategies

ITEP addresses these challenges while creating a situation where students in the program have the opportunity to network with school teachers and potential employers. As well, all students within the program are partnered with former teachers or principals who act as mentors and help prepare them for future employment. Further, to foster success there are several supports in place to aid ITEP students while they transition to employable teachers. For example, we provide assistance with:

  • Writing effective resumes and cover letters
  • Developing professional portfolios
  • Preparing for job interviews

All university courses and workshops offered focus on key areas where there is a perceived knowledge gap for foreign-trained teachers such as:

  • Aboriginal Perspective in Canada
  • Special Education in Manitoba
  • Assessment strategies for reading, writing, and math skills employed in Manitoba
  • Interpreting Manitoba Curriculum standards and knowledge outcomes
  • Creating and managing effective learning