ACCESS Education Programs

How do I qualify for the CATEP Program?

Candidates must be of Aboriginal descent (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) and employed as an Educational Assistant at a participating School Division (Wpg SD, Seven Oaks, Lord Selkirk, River East/Transcona, Saagkeeng First Nation, Louis Riel and/or Rosseau River).

How do I apply to the CATEP program?

All potential applicants must communicate their interest in participating in CATEP to their school division. Each school division has their own orientation session which potential applicants must attend in order to receive a formal CATEP application.

How long does it take to complete?

The program takes an average of 6 years to complete. Students will graduate with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees. Their teaching major will be English, and they will focus on Early and Middle Years (K-8) education. All course content will have an emphasis on Aboriginal perspectives.

What if the school division I work in is not a participating division?

We encourage those students working in divisions that are not partners, to contact their school principal to advocate to the division to consider becoming a partner.