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Tips for Sustainable Transportation for Campus or Home: 

  • Walk, bike or rollerblade as often as possible
  • If it is not feasible for you to use a form of active transportation, take the bus
  • When you need a car, use a car co-op vehicle or try to carpool with others, so that there are fewer cars on the road
  • Try to limit work related travel
  • When traveling, take the train or bus when possible, rather than an airplane



And if you do drive:

The car you drive may be your most important personal climate decision. When you buy your next car, look for the one with the best fuel economy in its class. Each liter of gas you use is responsible for 2.75 kgs of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. Better gas mileage not only reduces global warming, but will also save you thousands of dollars at the pump over the life of the vehicle. Compare the fuel economy of the cars you're considering and look for new technologies like hybrid engines.

If you own more than one vehicle, use the less fuel-efficient one only when you can fill it with passengers. Driving a full minivan may be kinder to the environment than two midsize cars. Whenever possible, join a carpool or take mass transit.

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