Compost, Recycling, and Waste

Campus Sustainability Office

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What do you want to dispose of? 

Hallway Bins: Compost, Recycling, Waste

Plastic Bags

Beverage Cups

Batteries and Cell Phones

Toner Cartridges and Light Bulbs


Reusable furniture, office supplies, and household items

Other items: glass, ceramics, broken appliances, large plastic items, etc.

Hallway bins

Hallway Bins

compost bin

Hallway Compost

  • ALL food scraps, including meat, bones, eggs, milk products, bread products, fruits and vegetables
  • tea bags, coffee filters

Most take-out containers from Diversity Foods, labeled as 'compostable', including: 

        • tall yogurt/veggie/fruit containers
        • dip containers
        • soup containers
        • “plastic looking” clamshell containers
        • “cardboard looking” clamshell containers
        • cutlery, stir sticks, napkins and paper towel
        • coffee cups and lids

Note: Some exceptions are not compostable, including sushi take-out containers and microwaveable black-bottom containers (both are recyclable)

recycling bin

Hallway Recycling

  • paper
  • cardboard and box board - PLEASE break down and put next to the recycling bin if they do not fit
  • pizza boxes - please put crusts in compost
  • cans
  • glass
  • juice boxes
  • plastic with resin codes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 

**Please scrape out food and empty beverage containers before putting them into the recycling. Liquids contaminate the whole bag, which will then be sent to the landfill. 

landfill bin

Hallway Waste

  • plastic with resin code 3 and 6, including plastic wrap
  • styrofoam
  • Tim Hortons and Starbucks cups (lids and sleeves are recyclable)
  • candy wrappers
  • chip bags
  • aluminum foil, waxed paper and cellophane wrappers 

Plastic bags

Plastic Bags

As a student initiative at the University, there are SIX BINS on campus dedicated to collection of clean plastic bags

Bags are sorted and given to Winnipeg Harvest for them to use to make emergency food kits. Bags not used for kits are recycled. 

More information available HERE

Note: Plastic bags are NOT recyclable as part of the University's main recycling stream and should NOT be placed in hallway recycling bins. 

Cup Disposal Guidelines

A Word About Beverage Cups...

Best of all

    • We recommend a reusable mug. This is the best way to minimize resource use in the manufacturing and processing of disposable beverage items. 

Diversity Foods

    • Diversity food services at the University of Winnipeg provides compostable beverage cups, lids, sleeves, and stir sticks. Please dispose of these items in the compost bins on campus. 

Other Vendors (Starbucks, Tim Hortons, etc.)

    • Cups from other vendors, such as Starbucks and Tim Hortons, should be disposed in waste/landfill bins.
    • Plastic lids and stir sticks from these vendors should go in recycling.
    • Paper sleeves can be disposed of in recycling or compost


Batteries and Cell Phones

Call2Recycle accepts cell phones, and rechargeable or single-use batteries weighing less than 5 kg each. 

Drop off boxes are located throughout campus at the UWSA InfoBooth, in most department photocopy rooms, libraries, and at security desks. Can't find one? Contact us

toner cartridge

Toner Cartridges and Light Bulbs

Collected in the mailroom/shipping bay accessible through the 1st floor of Manitoba Hall (West). 



The University periodically collects E-Waste for recycling. Contact the Sustainability Office or Physical Plant Office to arrange for drop-off/pick-up. Items are collected in the mailroom/shipping bay accessible through the 1st floor of Manitoba Hall (West). 

Items include: 

  • Computer towers, monitors, and other parts
  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Cords and network boxes
  • Small electronics

**For items that are still in working condition, see our REUSE page

Reusable office supplies

Reusable furniture, office supplies, and household items

See our REUSE page

Other items: glass, ceramics, broken appliances, large plastic items, etc.

Winnipeg residents can drop off materials at 4R Depots. See their extensive list of items that can be recycled, reused, composted or resold.