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Alternative Recycling and Reuse Initiatives 


Writing utensils

Disposable gloves

Disposable masks

Batteries and cell phones

Toner cartridges

Reusable furniture, office supplies, and household items

Other items: glass, ceramics, broken appliances, large plastic items, etc.

E-Waste Recycling:

The University collects E-Waste for recycling. Contact the Facilities Management department to arrange a pick-up of larger items. Smaller items can be taken directly to TSC (3C69). They will first take a look at the items to determine if they can be reused and if not, they will be recycled.


Items include: 

  • Computer towers, monitors, and other parts
  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Cords and network boxes
  • Small electronics

Writing Utensil Recycling:

UW recycles writing utensils with the help of Terracycle and Staples. 

Accepted materials for writing utensilrecycling

Accepted Waste:

  • Pens & Mechanical pencils
  • Markers, Sharpies and highlighters 
  • Whiteboard markers


  • Richardson College fo the Environment Study Nook
  • 4th floor Main Campus Library 
  • 2nd floor Buhler
  • 7th floor Rice Centre
  • Student Central 

 Can't find one? Visit the Campus Sustainability Map or Contact us.

Disposable Glove Recycling:

Disposable glove recycling bins are available in a select academic labs.

Please note: As per Terracycle "Do not send in medical waste. This includes material contaminated with blood or bodily fluids that originate from health care facilities, hospitals, physicians' offices, dental offices, blood banks, veterinary clinics, research laboratories, etc."

If you believe your UW lab(s) would be a good fit for the glove recycling box, please email us at sustainability@uwinnipeg.ca

Disposable Mask Recycling:

Disposable mask recycling bins are available throughout campus. 


  • Centennial Hall near the front doors
  • Asper Centre for Theatre and Film front door
  • Student Central
  • Buhler Centre 1st floor
  • Richardson College for the Environment 

Batteries and Cell Phone Recycling:


Call2Recycle accepts cell phones, and rechargeable or single-use batteries weighing less than 5 kg each. 

Drop off boxes are located throughout campus in most department photocopy rooms, libraries, and at security desks. Can't find one? Contact us or visit the Campus Sustainability Map.

Toner Cartridge (ink) Recycling:

toner cartridge

You can dispose of toner and ink cartridges by:

  1. Labeling the box “Shipping and Receiving” and sending via inter-department mail.
  2. Dropping it off in Shipping and Receiving on the first floor of Centennial Hall (1C25).

Reusable furniture, office supplies, and household items

UWinnipeg has many programs for your o take advantage of. These include our Used Office Supply Depot and the Surplus Furniture Program.

Please see our Reuse page on how to access these programs. 

Other items: broken glass, ceramics, broken appliances, large plastic items, etc.

Winnipeg residents can drop off materials at 4R Depots. See their extensive list of items that can be recycled, reused, composted or resold.