Water Use

Campus Sustainability Office

The University of Winnipeg has installed low-flow plumbing fixtures campus wide, but your office can still reduce water use at the source.

Water Use Checklist

☐ When office staff notice a leak in any bathroom or kitchen sink, they contact physical plant.

☐ When office staff wash dishes or wash their hands, they do not leave the water continuously running on high pressure.

☐ Office staff bring reusable water bottles and use the water fill up stations around campus to fill their bottles.

☐ Our office does not have a water cooler/jug.


Additional Resources

The University’s Water Management Policy commits the University to continuously reduce demand for potable water, discharge of pollutants to water, and production of waste water.

Winnipeg's water comes from Shoal Lake, the same water source that serves the Shoal Lake #40 First Nation and Iskatewizaagegan #39 Independent First Nation. Learn more about where our water comes from and the Freedom Road project.