Campus Sustainability Participation

Campus Sustainability Office

The Campus Sustainability Office appreciates the time and effort you have invested in learning about the Green Office Program. In this last section, you will find ways to connect your office to CSO initiatives and help the CSO collect vital sustainability data for our reporting processes.

Campus Sustainability Participation Checklist

☐ Office staff respond to campus-wide surveys on sustainability issues. 

☐ Our office has a Green Office Program representative.

☐ Our office has its own sustainability action plan. We send results of our actions to the CSO to include in the University's annual sustainability performance report.

☐ Office staff have signed up for the CSO newsletter.

☐ Our office has invited other offices to participate in the Green Office Program.

☐ Our office has a posting board or pamphlet area to inform staff of sustainability ideas, reminders, announcements and resources

☐ Our office has solicited feedback from office members about sustainability features we have or could have in our office. A member of our office has shared this feedback with someone from the CSO.


Additional Resources

Want to know what the CSO is up to this month? Stop by our events page.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education tracks the sustainability performance of universities across North America with STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System. Take a deep dive into the UWinnipeg's 2015 STARS Report, and keep an eye out for an updated STARS assessment in 2019.