Campus Sustainability Course

Campus Sustainability Office

During the winter 2016 semester, a group of fourth year students gained some real world experience in the areas of sustainability management while working directly on campus.  Through Dr. Alan Diduck’s “Critical Environmental Issues: Campus Sustainability” course students were given an opportunity to make contributions to our university’s sustainability efforts.  Working alongside staff in the CSO, Students developed and implemented their own campus sustainability projects in alignment with UWinnipeg’s current sustainability plan.  Operating from an adaptive management perspective, students were encouraged to identify the impacts, gaps and opportunities of current sustainability practices and then propose strategies for improving environmental performance.  As you will hear in this video, the course allowed students to deepen their understanding of sustainability management by bringing their own ideas to life.  Many of these projects have had a positive impact on environmental performance and sustainability awareness on campus, highlighting the mutual benefits that come with experiential learning courses.

If you have questions about this course or what to know when it will be offered next, email Professor Diduck at