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The University of Winnipeg is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for all members of its community. To do this, the University is creating awareness and educating the UW Community on Sexual Violence. The University’s Board of Regents (governance body) approved the Sexual Violence Prevention Policy and Procedures in June 2018 in order to better support Survivors, respond to Disclosures, and investigate Reports of Sexual Violence in an effective, respectful, and fair way.

UWinnipeg Policy Documents (in PDF format)

Who does this Policy apply to?

The Sexual Violence Prevention Policy applies to the UW Community. This includes all students and faculty/staff. It also includes people with University appointment, people contractually obliged to abide by University policy, anyone volunteering with University programs or activities, students and employees of the Collegiate, members of governance bodies including the Board of Regents and Senate, and anyone who resides on University property.

Please note that any of these members of the UW Community may disclose an incident that takes place outside of University property or events and still receive support or accommodation.

The University can also ban non-UW Community members from campus if they breach the policy.

What behaviour does Policy cover?

Any form of Sexual Violence is prohibited – that is, any sexual act, or any act, that targets a person’s sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression whether that act is physical or psychological in nature. This includes but is not limited to Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, stalking, indecent exposure, voyeurism, and sexual exploitation (including distribution of sexual images, video, or other recordings without a person's Consent), and cyber harassment of a sexual nature.

Sexual violence includes everything from sexually harassing comments to sexual assault.

Does the Policy only cover incidents that occur on University property?

If the Respondent is a UW Community member, the University may investigate regardless of whether the incident occurred on or off campus or through social media, other digital communication (email, etc.), written communication, or telephone.

The University may also investigate incidents of Sexual Violence that occur on University property, or at an event sponsored by or connected to the University including athletic events, field schools, study abroad, distance/online courses, coop placements/practica, academic or professional conferences, volunteer activities, and research/academic field work.


If you would like to provide feedback on the Sexual Violence Prevention Policy please click here.