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Zoom Captioning Instructions

All Staff and Faculty with licensed university Zoom accounts are encouraged to enable the closed captioning feature on their account to allow for a more accessible user experience. Once this feature is turned on, it will be available for all meetings hosted by your account going forward.

First log into the Zoom Web Portal at www.zoom.us/signin. Click on “settings”in the menu on the left and scroll down until you reach “closed captioning,” which will be under “In Meetings (Advanced)” turn this setting “on.” Once you turn this setting on, there will be additional options that appear. If you would like to use the AI-based transcription service, enable the “allow live transcription service to transcribe meeting automatically” option.

Once these settings have been turned on, a “live transcript” button will appear in the control panel during the meetings you host. You will need to click this, then select “enable auto-transcription.” Closed captioning will then be available for all participants of the meeting