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Employee Equity

Employee Equity Census Results

The University’s Employment Equity Committee is pleased to provide the University wide results of the recent Equity Census.  We appreciate that 70.21% of all those surveyed (846 employees) completed the census. The University’s Employment Equity Committee, which consists of representatives from all major employee groups/unions will be considering the data in greater depth in the fall, and will utilize the information gathered to develop a new University Equity Plan and Programs as may be required.  Once the Committee has had an opportunity to meet and determine our next steps, further communications will be provided to the University Community.  On behalf of the Committee, we want to thank all employees who participated, and for those who did not participate and still wish to complete their census we would certainly still accept your responses.  If you do decide to participate, please contact Bryan Ward at 204-786-9133 or br.ward@uwinnipeg.ca as the census will need to be re-sent to you.