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Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Steering Committee will be to assess and inform the University community of the scope and impact of the legislation, to ensure the University provides input to future standards, and that we are in compliance with each standard.  This Committee will also ensure that the University develops an Accessibility Plan as legislated under the Act. To accomplish its purpose, the Steering Committee has responsibility to:

  • Understand the Accessibility for Manitoban’s Act, and the various Standards; 
  • Develop an understanding of barriers for Manitobans, and in particular for our students, staff, faculty and community members who access the University of Winnipeg’s facilities, programs, courses, and services;
  • Consider the full range of disabilities in identifying barriers and produce the Accessibility Plan to encourage the reduction of the barriers
  • Serve as the Institutional body which will provide input to the development of future Provincial Standards;
  • Encourage actions to address barriers and gaps including business practices and ways to build awareness and knowledge on identifying and meeting the needs of people with disabilities;
  • Engage appropriate individuals in the development of these actions so as to build awareness and understanding of the necessary changes
  • Provide appropriate education and information as well as supports to implement the plans and actions
  • To the extent possible, ensure that all materials produced by the committee whether written or otherwise, are clear and in plain language, concise, logical and unambiguous;
  • Make information available regarding recommendations and plans available to the University community, in an inclusive and accessible manner, including through a website;
  • Develops the University of Winnipeg’s Accessibility Plan which is required to be prepared and submitted once every two years, and ensure appropriate steps are being taken to address gaps identified in the plan.