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Accessibility for Manitobans Act (“AMA”)

Background Information:

The AMA was passed on December 5, 2013.The University of Winnipeg falls within the definition of “public sector organizations” in the Act, and as such, is required to implement measures to identify, prevent and remove barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities. The Government of Manitoba has created 5 standards or regulations for which this requirement will apply:

  1. Customer service
  2. Transportation
  3. Employment
  4. Information and Communications
  5. Built Environment

The University’s first Accessibility Plan, due on November 1, 2016, will identify and address barriers in policies, practices and procedures that impact customer service (the majority of “customers” as defined by the provincial legislation served by the University are students). Compliance with the Plan will be required by November 2017, and the Plan will be updated thereafter every 2 years. Accessibility Plans for the other 4 standards will be submitted over a graduated schedule in the order shown above.