On/Off Campus Resources

Human Rights & Diversity Office

On Campus Contacts and Resources

UW Sexual Violence Response Team
Small team of employees who coordinate accommodations and external resources for students who have experienced sexual violence.

UW Human Rights and Diversity Officer
Individual who takes reports of sexual violence, initiates formal and informal resolutions.

UW Student Counselling Services
Wellness Centre, 1st floor Duckworth Centre
UW Counsellors meet with students regarding a wide variety of issues and are experienced in supporting students who have experienced sexual violence. Open during business hours.

UW Klinic on Campus
Wellness Centre, 1st floor Duckworth Centre
Clinic staffed by Nurse Practitioners who can provide medical assistance and referrals for additional services. Open during business hours.

University of Winnipeg Students’ Association
Vice-President Student Affairs
Advocacy available for students (including acting as a support person in meetings).


Off Campus Resources

Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Program
204-786-8631 (Crisis Line)
1-888-292-7565 (Toll Free in Manitoba)
204-784-4049 (Sexual Assault intake for in-person counselling)
870 Portage Avenue
Support and counselling provided specifically related to sexual violence. Information about options for additional services and assistance in accessing the options is also provided. Services available 24/7.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
Health Sciences Centre, Emergency Department
700 William Avenue
Provides options and choices about medical care/police reporting, provides medications to prevent infection and pregnancy, and connects patients with counselling services. Patients are referred through the emergency department. Services available 24/7.

Winnipeg Police
204-986-6245 or 911
Specially trained team of professionals which investigates and supports people who have experienced sexual violence. Services available 24/7.


Third Party Reporting of Sexual Assault

The Winnipeg Police Service, in partnership with community agencies, offers an option for anonymous third party reporting. Third party reporting allows a survivor to report an assault to a community agency, which will pass the report on to Winnipeg Police or the RCMP.
These include:

Klinic Community Health Centre
204-786-8631 (Sexual Assault Crisis Line)
1-888-292-7565 (Toll Free in Manitoba)
870 Portage Avenue

Heart Medicine Lodge/Ka Ni Kanichihk
455 McDermot Avenue

Culturally-based support and advocacy services for Indigenous women who have experienced sexual assault and sexual violence. Available to all who identify as women and are over the age of 18.

Sage House (Mount Carmel Clinic)
886 Main Street
Sage House is a street women’s health, outreach, and resource centre that delivers services to women involved in survival sex work. Sage House offers a welcoming and safe environment with various medical and support services.


Written information

Government of Manitoba: You Have Options: Help after Sexual Assault.
This PDF includes information about making a report to police, accessing counselling support in Manitoba, and legal processes. PDF
Government of Manitoba: You are not alone.
This website includes further information about sexual violence, consent, and accessing supports off-campus. Website