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Meaningful research, engaging dialogue, effective action...

Students of the Global College Human Rights Major are action-oriented, humanitarians, with the drive to achieve positive change. Opportunities to engage in multifaceted research and comprehensive dialogue provided in HRGS courses cultivates students' ability to analyze, develop and orchestrate meaningful action within our global communities. 

Global College Student Advisory Council (GCSAC)

Global College Student Advisory Council

 The Global College Student Advisory Council is a group of University Students who work with the Global College to advance human rights centered Community/University collaboration. The Council offers students opportunities to become actively involved in making a difference through leadership skill development, community outreach, conferences, workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Mentorship Program

The Global College Student Advisory Council (GCSAC) Mentorship Program partners students who are new or showed legitimate interest in the Human Rights program with students who are nearing completion of the program. By providing experienced mentors to new students, we hope to facilitate an easier, earlier integration of students into the Global College community. If you feel you could benefit from guidance in navigating the Human Rights degree, meeting others with similar interests, and becoming more involved with events on campus and in the greater community, our mentorship program is for you! Mentors will provide recipients with three hours of their time per month, divided into two separate meetings of 1.5 hours (or as negotiated between partners). Please send us an email if you have any remaining questions regarding the Mentorship Program.

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