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Mental Health Awareness

Mental health support services

The University of Winnipeg continues to provide well-being and mental health resources that are available with supports from counselors, advisors, student support programs, and student services: 


University of Winnipeg Student Wellness Centre: https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/student-wellness/  

Aboriginal Student Services Centre (ASSC):

Student Support: https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/assc/student-supports.html 

Weekly meeting with Elders at the ASSC: for contact information, check the webpage at https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/assc/index.html

The Human Rights Faculty informs that while certain topics covered in classes are integral to learning about human rights issues and knowledge mobilization practices in human rights, some class materials may appear to be triggering of negative lived experiences or to be shocking to learn about. Respecting other students and instructors’ privacy, self-awareness, and emotions/reactions, we remain supportive of students facing these challenges. We advise students to seek help beyond classroom settings from U of W student support services and external aid when needed.

Please access a list of external resources created by a human rights student at Global College for “Mental Health, Self-Care, Human Rights Work for the University of Winnipeg, Global College” by clicking here.