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SAR Network at UWinnipeg

Scholars at Risk: Protecting scholars and the freedom to think, question, and share ideas  

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of institutions and individuals whose mission is to protect scholars and promote academic freedom. By arranging temporary academic positions at member universities and colleges, Scholars at Risk offers safety to scholars facing grave threats, so scholars’ ideas are not lost and they can keep working until conditions improve and they are able to return to their home countries. Please refer to this video that illuminates the origins of the work and features a number of the courageous scholars the SAR network honored to support. 

The University of Winnipeg re-established its membership with the SAR network in Fall 2021. The aim is to host a Scholar at Risk in 2023-2024 and we need your help to make this a reality! 

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to help cover the costs of hosting a scholar in Winnipeg. A donation to support our SAR initiative could be directed to needs such as salary, benefits, professional development, research costs, books, conferences, and settlement expenses. It also prepares us to provide support in other critical ways—from mental health and health care services to relocation costs and support for family members.

To donate, please visit the Scholars at Risk Fund.

The Global College is spearheading this initiative with the intent that the hosted scholar, either a PhD student or a professor, will be with us for a 12-month period and will contribute to our scholarly community.

The University of Winnipeg students, faculty, and staff who are interested in getting involved with the UWinnipeg's Scholars at Risk Organizing Committee, please contact Professor Shauna Labman directly at s.labman@uwinnipeg.ca. 

Visit the Scholars at Risk website to follow and subscribe to SAR Network and listen to the Free to Think podcast, featuring conversations with thoughtful and inspiring individuals whose research, teaching, or expression falls at the always sensitive intersection of power and ideas.