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BA in Human Rights Faculty

Shauna LabmanShauna Labman, PhD

Executive Director, Global College
Director of Human Rights Program (Acting)
Associate Professor

Phone: 204.988.7112
Email: s.labman@uwinnipeg.ca 
SSRN Twitter

Dr. Shauna Labman is a legal scholar who writes and speaks extensively on refugee law, resettlement and private refugee sponsorship within a broader context of human rights and public international law.  She focuses on the layered influences of law on public policy and government positioning.

Profile: Shauna Labman

Saad Ahmad KhanSaad Ahmad Khan, PhD


Phone: 204.988.7102
Email: sa.khan@uwinnipeg.ca
Office: 2MS03

Saad Ahmad Khan is an academic and international human rights lawyer whose work focuses on the dynamics which lead to radicalization of second-generation immigrants in countries such as Canada. His other research areas include international law and counter-terrorism, international criminal law, immigrant experiences of resettlement, post-conflict/post-peace accord rebuilding and civil liberties in a polarized world. He has published Perceptions of Ethnicity, Religion, and Radicalization among Second-Generation Pakistani-Canadians: Unity in Diversity? Saad has been a part of the Global College Community since 2014. 

Matthew HamiltonMatthew Hamilton, PhD


Phone: 204.786.9247
Email: m.hamilton@uwinnipeg.ca
Office: 2MS04

Matthew Hamilton is a political theorist whose research specializes in democratic, legal, and critical theory. He completed his PhD at the University of Toronto.

In addition to teaching in the area of history of political thought and moral philosophy, Professor Hamilton's teaching interests include legal/constitutional theory and human rights, genocide studies, post-colonialism, global justice, feminism, public policy and public administration.

Profile: Matthew Hamilton

Ruth TaronnoRuth Taronno

Practicum Coordinator, Human Rights Program  

Phone: 204.988.7687
Email: r.taronno@uwinnipeg.ca
Office: 2MS07 

Ruth Taronno has been the Menno Simons College Practicum Director for International Development Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies since 1999. She has extensive experience building relationships with local and international community organizations and with matching students to organizations.

Profile: Ruth Taronno

Lloyd KornelsenLloyd Kornelsen, PhD

Associate Professor (on leave)

Phone: 204.786.7532
Email: l.kornelsen@uwinnipeg.ca
Office: 2MS06

Lloyd Kornelsen has served Global College in a variety of capacities since 2007, including Executive Director (acting), program consultant, practicum coordinator, and associate chair of the Joint Master’s Program in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Profile: Lloyd Kornelsen

Kristi KenyonKristi Kenyon, PhD

Director of Human Rights Program (on leave)

Phone: 204.988.7107
Email: kr.kenyon@uwinnipeg.ca
Office: 2MS05

Dr. Kenyon's research and teaching is informed and inspired by more than fifteen years working in, on and with civil society organizations in Southern Africa, South East Asia and Canada in the areas of health and human rights. Her research examines the intersections between health and human rights and their social, cultural, political and legal contexts. She has a particular interest in the role that NGOs and social movements play in promoting and protecting human rights and health.

Profile: Kristi Kenyon

Naomi CalnitskyNaomi Calnitsky, PhD

Contract Academic Staff

Email: n.calnitsky@uwinnipeg.ca

Naomi Alisa Calnitsky is an Independent Scholar and Researcher who works primarily in History and the Humanities. She received a PhD in Canadian History at Carleton University, in Ottawa, where her research focused on the experiences of Mexican migrant farm workers in Canada in the postwar period. She was a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Otago, New Zealand, in 2007-08. She has presented research and published widely in the areas of Canadian and Atlantic History, Mexican Migration, the Contemporary Pacific Islands, Oral History and Canadian Labour History. She began teaching at the University of Winnipeg in 2022.

Shayna PlautShayna Plaut, PhD

Contract Academic Staff

Email: s.plaut@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Shayna Plaut, Director of Research and Exhibition Development at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is interested in how people represent themselves in their own media, with a particular interest in peoples who do not fit neatly within the traditional notions of the nation-state. Her work sits at the intersection of academia, journalism and advocacy. Shayna has researched and engaged with Romani media, migrant media and Indigenous media in Canada, the US and Europe for 20 years. As a Fulbright and Vanier scholar, she has lived and worked in Hungary and the Balkans. Shayna happily relocated to Winnipeg (Treaty 1) in the summer of 2017 where she lives with her partner, two children and two cats.

Profile: Shayna Plaut

Dr. Shayna Plaut will be teaching the Spring 2024 course HR-2650 Special Topics in Human Rights: Human Rights in Literature, Film and Art.

natella-roskoshna-human-rights-cas-500x500.jpgNatella Roskoshna, PhD

Contract Academic Staff

Email: n.roskoshna@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Natella Roskoshna is a scholar from Ukraine. She currently works as a research associate at the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. Her area of interest is Dispute Resolution, which differs from traditional litigation processes. Her research mainly focuses on restorative justice. She has also completed various training programs on Mediation, and in addition to her academic work, she volunteers as a Restorative Justice Mediator.

Dr. Natella Roskoshna will be teaching the Spring 2024 course HR-3650 Special Topics in Human Rights: Approaching Mediation and Restorative Justice from a Human Rights Perspective.

Samara HandSamara Hand

Contract Academic Staff

Samara Hand is a Worimi/Biripi woman from the east coast of Australia. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of New South Wales and is a visiting student researcher at the University of Manitoba, completing a comparative analysis between Australia and Canada on the challenges of realising Indigenous Peoples' right to education. Samara is also a co-founder of the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition, an Indigenous-led organisation that backs the voices of First Nations young people in education.

Samara Hand will be teaching the Spring 2024 course HR-4650 Special Topics in Human Rights: Decolonizing the Right to Education.