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Human Right and Global Studies students are prepared for future employment in non-government organizations, government agencies and corporate departments with mandates that include a focus on social justice and responsibilities. Students develop conceptual and knowledge-based expertise in issues of general relevance to a wide range of public and private sector positions, such as human resources, business management, public administration, education, law enforcement, and arts. The Program is designed to prepare students for different positions in: 

  • International Rights & Advocacy Organizations, including Amnesty International, UN
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • International Non-Profit Organizations, such as UNICEF, Rotary International, World Vision
  • International Aid Organizations
  • Humanitarian & Refugee Organizations
  • Law and other professional or Graduate programs 
  • Research & Policy Analysis 
  • Human Resources / Equity Offices
  • Law
  • Arts & Culture

For additional job titles that focus on transferable skills as listed on the GOC Job Bank website, NOC code information, citations and links to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank and for an extensive list of work settings, please visit the UW Career Pathfinder

We are proud of the successes our graduates find as they leave our program. Our graduates are advocates, policy-makers, organisation-founders, researchers, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs. Some graduates go on to continue their education by completing professional degrees in fields such as law and social work, while others complete graduate degrees to deepen their knowledge in specific areas. Please visit this page to read about our alumni stories of success! 

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