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Admissions Requirements

There are various types of students looking to study at The University of Winnipeg. To assist you with the application process, it is important for you to determine your “applicant type” so you know what you need to be considered for admission. Read through all of the categories, and then click on the one that best describes you.

High School (Manitoba)

You are a current high school student studying at a school in the Province of Manitoba, and expect to graduate from grade 12. Students from Manitoba high schools can self-report their grade 12 marks on the application.

High School (Out-of-Province)

You are a current high school student studying at a school in another Canadian province, and expect to graduate from grade 12 (or equivalent). 


You wish to complete courses for interest only. You want to attend a lecture(s) at the University, but you will not receive any credit. 


You are a high school student who is ready to start university early. You still have to complete some high school courses to graduate, but would like to take a limited number of University courses too.


You still need to complete three or less high school credits to meet regular admission status. You plan to finish your remaining high school credits at The University of Winnipeg Collegiate while taking a limited number of University courses too.


You have been admitted to UWinnipeg before, and you took a course(s) here at least one year or more ago.


You are attending an official partner university outside of Canada and want to enrol in one or two terms here.


You want to pursue a master’s degree.


You have been homeschooled, and can provide a portfolio with proof of completion of grade 12 or equivalent including Mathematics and English.


You are an international student studying outside of Canada wishing to pursue studies at UWinnipeg.


You do not have the required subjects for regular high school admission. You are 21 or over, or you will turn 21 during the calendar year in which you are admitted for the first time.

Mature Access

If you do not meet the University’s requirements for admission as a Mature Status student, you can still apply for admission as a Mature Access student. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, at least 21 years old in the year you first register for university courses, and you must not have graduated from high school or attended university or college.

Second Degree

You have an undergraduate degree already, and you want to pursue an additional undergraduate degree.


You are currently studying at another university or college, but you want to transfer to UWinnipeg to complete your degree.


You are enrolled in a degree program at another school, but you want to take a course(s) here on a Letter of Permission.