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Second Degree

Definition: Second Degree students have graduated from another university or post-secondary institution, and now want to pursue a second degree at The University of Winnipeg.


  • Domestic Deadline - If you want to start studies in the Fall (September), apply before July 1. If you want to start studies in the Winter (January), apply before November 1.
  • International Deadline - Please see Application Deadlines found here.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students who have successfully completed a degree program at another institution
  • Students must fulfil all the program and residence requirements specified for the degree and major being sought at The University of Winnipeg
  • Students are eligible for a maximum of 60 credit hours of transfer towards a University of Winnipeg degree
  • All failed courses that are eligible for credit will also be transferred (in addition to the 60 credit hours successfully completed)
  • Students cannot pursue the same degree they have already completed.

Need More Information?
For detailed information on transferring credits, grades, types of credit, and restrictions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions document.

How to Apply: Admissions Application
Remember to select "Second Degree" on the application and submit all official transcripts (not photocopies) from all post-secondary institutions previously attended (including high school).

Course Outlines (Syllabi)
After you have been admitted, Admissions will start assessing your previous post-secondary work for eligible transfer credit. You can request course outlines (or syllabi) from the Registrar's Office or the relevant academic department(s) at the institution(s) where you completed the course(s). A course outline (or syllabus) is a multi-page document that provides detailed information about a course, such as the items listed below. If you are coming from an institution that does not have course outlines, you may use this template.

  • Name/Title of course and course number
  • Credit Weighting for each course
  • Length of the course (all year, half year, weeks, days)
  • Pre-requisites required
  • Number of hours the course met per week
  • Textbook titles, along with author’s names and publisher
  • Other assigned readings (journals, articles, etc.)
  • Evaluation methodology (how was the course graded? Grading Scale)
  • Description and objectives of the course
  • List of assignments, term tests, and final examinations.

In order for your course work to be considered for transfer credit, all documentation must be received by Admissions within four months of being admitted to The University of Winnipeg. Documentation received after the four month period will not be evaluated and no credit will be granted.