Future Students

Definition: Former domestic students who have previously attended The University of Winnipeg one or more years ago, must apply for readmission.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students who have not been registered in courses at The University of Winnipeg for one or more years, or
  • Students who have previously completed a degree program at the University and who wish to return to take further courses.

How to Apply:
Application for Continuance Form [PDF]

Note: Students who have attended another university or college since their last registration at The University of Winnipeg must submit an official transcript with their application. Registration will be permitted when the evaluation is complete.

International Students

If you are a former International student, please complete a new online application. You will be required to provide original, official transcripts from any institutions you have attended since last registering with The University of Winnipeg, an educational history, and a copy of your study or work permit.