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Definition: Students who have previously attended The University of Winnipeg one or more years ago (have not been registered in past three terms), must apply for readmission. 


Who is Eligible?

Domestic students who have previously attended The University of Winnipeg and who fall into one of the following categories:

  • Students who have not been registered in courses at The University of Winnipeg for three or more terms; or
  • Students who have previously completed a degree program at the University and who wish to return to take further courses.

How to Apply (Domestic Students): Students must apply for readmission by completing an Application for Continuance Form: Application for Continuance Form [PDF]


International Students who have previously attended The University of Winnipeg and wish to return after three or more terms must submit a new application for admission, including a declaration of educational history.

How to Apply (International Students): Complete a new online application. You will be required to provide original, official transcripts from any institutions you have attended since last registering with The University of Winnipeg, an educational history, and a copy of your study or work permit.


All students who attended another university or college since their last registration at The University of Winnipeg must provide an official transcript for evaluation by the Admissions Office.  Registration will not be permitted until the evaluation is done. Transcripts from all institutions attended must be disclosed with the application, and necessary information such as course descriptions must be provided within four months of being admitted.

Students who were on "Probation" or "Suspension" status in their last UWinnipeg term, who have subsequently taken courses at another institution, must achieve Regular status by completing courses at The University of Winnipeg. Only after achieving Regular status will they be eligible to receive transfer credits. Students should contact the Admissions Office when their status changes to Regular.

Students on "Not Allowed to Continue" status who have not registered at any university or degree-granting college for at least three years choose whether to retain or forfeit their credits. A request to forfeit credit must be made in writing to the Admissions Office. Earned grades will still appear on the transcript but will no longer count towards your GPA. The status on admission or re-entry will be determined by pre-university qualifications and current University of Winnipeg admission requirements. International students are not eligible for Forfeit of Credit. For full regulations regarding Forfeit of Credit, consult the academic calendar.