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Mature Students

Definition: You may be considered for mature status if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you do not have the academic qualifications for regular admission, and you will turn at least 21 years of age in the calendar year in which you register for courses for the first time (Note: you are not a mature status student if you meet regular status admission requirements, even if you are over 21).

Who is Eligible? 

  • You are a high school graduate, but you don't have the required subjects for admission, or
  • You are not a high school graduate, but you have passed at least three 40S courses (or equivalent) in the last three years, or
  • You have taken the General Education Development Tests (GED) and will present the results with your application, or
  • You attended another university under mature status, and you achieved at least a "C" grade on every course attempted there, or
  • You have attended another post-secondary institution (such as a technical college, Bible school, or Bible college), and you completed the equivalent of at least one semester of work there with a minimum "C" average, or
  • You have completed a continuing education certificate/diploma program with a minimum "C" average on approximately one semester of work (at least three full course credits), or
  • You qualified for Junior Matriculation standing before 1964.

How to Apply:
Admissions Application

Visit the General Education Development Tests (GED) website or call 1.800.853.7402 to make arrangements to write the tests.

Contact Adult Learner Services for more information. Please see the Adult Learner Brochure [PDF].