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Auditing a Course

What does it mean to Audit a Course?

Auditing a course means that you attend lectures but you are not required to submit any coursework or write exams. Therefore, you will not receive any credit for the course. The course will appear on your transcript with an “AU” (audit) designation in place of a grade.

Note: The fee for auditing a course is one-half of the regular tuition fee plus all of the incidental fees.

How to Audit a Course?

To audit a course, you must first see the course instructor for permission to register as an Auditor. If the instructor grants you permission, an email will be sent to Registration where you will be registered into the course. A registration representative will notify you either by email or phone that you are registered.

If you are not a current student with UWinnipeg, you must first see the course instructor for permission to register and then apply for admission using the Online Application. Once admitted as an Auditor, a representative in Registration will register you in the course with an audit status and then notify you either by email or by phone.

Proof of registration may be obtained by logging into your WebAdvisor account, choose Student Planning/Registration and click on the Student Finance tab.  From here you must click Account Details, select the Term you wish to see proof of registration, and then click “View Statement,” which can be found on the right side of the form.  Your proof of registration and statement will appear in portable document format [PDF].

How to Change a Course from Credit to Audit

If you decide to change the course from credit to audit after your initial registration, you must see the course instructor for permission. The written permission form must be submitted during the Course Add/Drop period appropriate to the term in which the course is offered.

Students who wish to change their status in a course from credit to audit, or from audit to credit, after the course change period has passed, must submit a written appeal to the Senate Appeals Committee. Such an appeal must include written approval for this change from the instructor of the course.

Dropping an Audited Course

Students who wish to drop a course, which they are auditing (after the final academic withdrawal date), must appeal in writing to the Senate Appeals Committee.

For more information, please refer to the Regulations and Policies section of the Academic Calendar.