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Tuition Fees

The University of Winnipeg is one of the most accessible universities in Canada. With the third lowest tuition fees across the country and well below the national average cost of attending university, we are proud to be part of the Province of Manitoba’s mission to “…help improve the economic, social and environmental well being of Manitoba communities and their citizens.” Education and opportunities for personal growth are attainable and reachable goals.

In order to plan for your studies, you have to be financially prepared for the investment. Money can be a huge stressor for some students, so take some time and know your costs. Be knowledgeable and in control of your expenses and resources. Remember there are always programs to assist you with these costs. Visit the Awards and Financial Aid website for more information.

Fast Fact: In 2020, a student attending university in Ontario paid an average of $7,938 in tuition, while a student in Manitoba paid $4,913. (Statistics Canada 2020)