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Homeschooled Students

Definition: You have been home-schooled, and can provide a portfolio with proof of completion of grade 12 (high school) or equivalent including mathematics and English.

Who is Eligible - Manitoba:

  • Be a high school graduate with at least 30 Manitoba high school credits, or hold a Mature Status Diploma and have completed the required courses (see below)
  • Have completed five credits at the Grade 12 level, designated A, S or G level (of which three must be 40S)
  • Present a minimum one credit of core English (one of Comprehensive Focus, Literary Focus or Transactional Focus 40S) and one credit of Mathematics 40S (Pre-Calculus, Applied, or Essential/Consumer)
  • Have an average of at least 65% on the best three 40S courses including both core English 40S and Mathematics 40S, plus one other 40S credit from a different subject area.

Who is Eligible - Out-of-Province:

  • Successful completion of High School
  • Successful completion of Grade 12 English
  • Have a minimum 65% average that includes English and any other course requirements
  • Successful completion of the university admission requirements of your province of origin

Note: If you are an international student and homeschooled, please see the international requirements:  International Requirements by Country A-Z

Do You Have the Pre-Requisite Courses Needed for Your Major?:

Some programs require that students have certain high school courses completed before they can start their studies. Make sure to check the lists below:


For more information - including what documents are required and specific conditions of admission - please see: 

Admission Information for Home-schooled Students [PDF]

How to Apply:
Admissions Application Process