Certified Teachers

Faculty of Education

UWinnipeg Education students.

Image courtesy UWinnipeg/Dan Bailey

Internationally certified teachers have completed their training in another country, and are now seeking a permanent, professional teaching license in Manitoba. The Certification Unit of Manitoba Education may require international teachers to complete additional courses in order to qualify for a license. Students may enrol in the Faculty of Education in order to complete these requirements.

Normally, internationally certified teachers are not admitted to a degree program, but are accepted on a special status so that they can complete the specific courses required for certification.

The courses that are required for certification may or may not lead to completion of a degree at the University of Winnipeg. Students wishing to be considered for a degree program must notify the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will review previous course work in order to determine what additional requirements must be met in order to complete a degree. Students wishing to pursue a degree may be asked to submit additional documents to the Admissions Office in order for this process to take place.