International Opportunities

The Faculty of Education at The University of Winnipeg offers international practicum and teaching opportunities to students in fourth and fifth year of the Integrated Program, or in second year of the After Degree Program. Senior Stream students in the first year of the After Degree program may be considered as well.

The purpose of these programs is to:

  • Broaden the worldview of education for our students.
  • Help students identify the similarities and differences in educational philosophies between other countries and Canada.
  • Help students learn to see themselves as part of a global education system, with the potential for a variety of work experiences.

The Faculty of Education offers both six week and extended international programs.

Requirements for participation in the International Practicum Programs

  • Demonstration of an interest in international cultural programs
  • A positive, professional, flexible attitude
  • Willingness to attend sessions to prepare for the program
  • Successful practicum experience
  • Minimum grade point average: 2.5

Students may participate in one international experience only. Application for all programs includes a resume, references and a cover letter.