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Practicum Information

The Practicum Placements for Fall 2022 have now been sent to students in Certification Years 4 and 5, After-Degree Years 1 and 2, and the RRC program. If you did not receive your placement, please check your spam folder and contact Monica Hoersch with any concerns at m.hoersch@uwinnipeg.ca 

Student Request For School Practicum Placement

The Practicum Office now has a new automated practicum application process.  You will be sent an email with logon instructions from the Practicum Office:

Year 4 and 5 of the Integrated students and Year 2 After Degree students must complete the online application shortly after the January Certification meetings. Students must declare any childcare issues or other pertinent information on the practicum application form. Changes in residence that may affect placement must be reported prior to May 01. 

After Degree 1 students will complete the online form in May immediately following the orientation session.

Years 2 and 3 practicum students must submit applications by the dates stipulated in the registration information. Requests received after the due date may not be able to be filled. Please do not complete the form prior to registration as you must request days for practicum that fit within your course selection schedule. 

Report any changes during the year (e.g. address, schedule) by email to Monica Hoersch in the Practicum Office, as soon as possible. 


The School Practicum is an integral part of teacher education programs as students have the opportunity to place academic work in the context of a practical school setting. Students will work to link effective practice to sound theory, practice and test theories and hypotheses related to teaching, develop teaching skills, and begin to develop and formulate a personal philosophy of education and an individual teaching style. The practicum also enables students to further develop their professional identity as it pertains to interactions outside of the University setting.

School Placements

The Student Teaching Office will arrange all placements. If a student has an ‘option for grade level change’ for the winter term (Year 4/AD1 MY and SY, Year 5/AD2 EY only) arrangements can be made at the same school by the Faculty Supervisor and School Administration. Transfers requiring a change of school (only those in the option categories) will be done by the Practicum Office. Students are not allowed to arrange their own placement.

All student teaching placements will be guided by the following:
a) Students will have at least one placement in a school with inner city characteristics
b) Students will experience a variety of grade levels and subject areas
c) Students will be placed in more than one school division
d) In order to avoid a conflict of interest or a perception of conflict of interest, whenever possible students will
not be placed in schools where:

  • They are currently employed
  • They have been employed in the past
  • They have volunteered
  • Family members attend or are employed by the school

Practicum Handbooks

Pre-professional Student Handbook [PDF]

Certification Student Handbook [PDF]

Alternate format available on request, please contact education@uwinnipeg.ca or 204-786-9491