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Faculty Supervision

The University of Winnipeg Faculty of Education is accepting applications for Faculty Supervisors for the Student Teaching program.

The mentorship and assessment of Student Teachers is the foundation of the entire evaluation process in the practicum program. The practicum program for many begins in year 2 and continues until year 5, while others (AD) enter the program after the completion of a BA or BSc degree. In both cases, the assessment process intensifies during years 4/AD1 (Introductory Certification) and 5/AD2/RRC (Advanced Certification). This process involves the collaboration of the Student Teacher, the Cooperating Teacher and the Faculty Supervisor.

Faculty Supervisors

Faculty Supervisors are either faculty members or educators under contract who supervise, mentor and evaluate Student Teachers during the practicum blocks. The intention of this role is to provide ongoing feedback to student teachers on strengths and weaknesses, make suggestions for alternative approaches that foster development, and encourage Student Teacher initiative, self-reflection, and self-evaluation that will lead to professional growth. The Faculty Supervisor will also provide both formative and summative evaluation each term. As the liaison between the school and Faculty, the Faculty Supervisor will communicate with Cooperating Teachers, School Administration, Lead Teachers and the Director of Student Teaching.


  • Attend the Faculty Supervisor and Student Teacher Orientation (Wednesday prior to September long weekend) and the end of year meeting (Wednesday prior to May long weekend.
  • Visit Student Teachers in their schools the first week in September (and prior to the start of the winter term if a new student is assigned for the winter term).
  • Maintain informal contact with Student Teachers and Cooperating Teachers before practicum blocks, either by email, phone or school visits.
  • Provide weekly visitations with each Student Teacher during the practicum blocks and provide ongoing verbal and written feedback. Maintain communication with the Cooperating Teacher.
  • Complete an anecdotal Summative Report with input from the Cooperating Teacher at the end of each practicum block. Coordinate for communication of the final report and signing by the Faculty Supervisor, Cooperating Teacher and Student Teacher. Submit forms to the B.Ed. Office by the due date.
  • Communicate upon request with prospective employers regarding Student Teachers.

Please forward a cover letter and resume or CV with 3 references to Deb Woloshyn, Director of Student Teaching, c/o Monica Hoersch m.hoersch@uwinnipeg.ca by April 30.