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High School Applicants

I am a high school graduate who is interested in applying to the Faculty of Education. What are the admission requirements?
High school applicants are those currently studying at a high school in Manitoba (or those who have graduated from a high school in Manitoba), and who have either completed the high school admission requirements or will complete them by the end of Grade 12.

Manitoba high school admission requirements

High school prerequisites for the Faculty of Education

How do I apply?
The link below will take you to the university's application web page, which includes information on deadline dates and application fees, contact information for the Admissions Office, and the online application form.

Applying for admission

Is it better to apply directly to the five-year Integrated program, or should I completed a BA, BSc, or BPHE first and then apply to the After Degree program?
There are fewer spaces available in the After Degree program, so it is recommended that you apply to the Integrated program. If you decide later that Education is not for you, your credits will still count toward a BA, BSc, or BPHE

Can this program be completed on a part time basis?
While it is possible to do a portion of the program on a part-time basis, please be aware of the following:

  • a total of 10 full days (two half days or one full day per week in either the Fall of Winter terms) of student teaching practicum is required for the compulsory course EDUC-2512 Learning Theory Practicum (usually taken in Year 2).
  • a total of 20 full days (two half days or one full day per week in both the Fall and Winter terms) of student teaching practicum is required for the compulsory course EDUC-3811 Teaching and Learning Practicum (usually taken in Year 3).
  • Years 4 and 5 include two five week practicum blocks each year, and must be completed on a full time basis.

How many students are admitted each year?
We typically admit about 240 students from high school each year.

Can I apply to Education with Essentials/Consumer Math?
You can apply to the Faculty of Education with Essential/ Consumer Math, as long as you have two credits of English 40 (A or S level). Students in the Elementary stream are required to take a Math course to fulfill the Distribution requirement. All courses that meet this requirement have a prerequisite of Pre-Calculus Math 40S or Applied Math 40S. Students who do not have these high school prerequisites must take additional non-credit preparatory math courses in order to be able to take other Math courses. We strongly encourage students interested in teaching elementary school to take Pre-Calculus or Applied Math 40S. Students in the Senior Years stream who do not plan on completing a major or minor in Math do not need Pre-Calculus 40S or Applied Math 40S.

I was accepted into the Faculty, but will not be able to start university until next year. Can I defer my acceptance?

Admission cannot be deferred. Students who are unable to accept an offer of admission in a given year must reapply in the future. Subsequent admission cannot be guaranteed.

I missed the deadline for September. Can I apply to start in the Winter term?
The Faculty of Education has one intake per year, for September. If you missed the deadline, you must wait and apply for the following September. You may also begin your studies in another faculty, and then apply to transfer to Education in your second year.

I'm already in the middle of another degree program, but would like to apply to Education. Do I need to complete my current degree, and then apply to the After Degree program?
Students who have completed 42 credit hours or less can apply to transfer into the Integrated program. If you have completed more than 42 credit hours, we recommend that you complete your current degree and then apply to the After Degree program.