Welcome from the Dean

Faculty of Education

Dr. Ken McCluskey, Dean of the Faculty of Education

Image courtesy UWinnipeg/Dan Bailey

As the late E. Paul Torrance noted, “Whether or not a creative child will become a creative adult will depend in large measure upon how the school and society treat his curiosity need.” In the Faculty of Education at The University of Winnipeg, we endeavour to challenge and prepare our students to become inspirational and motivating educators who will strive to meet the needs of all children and youth, including those who have been hitherto marginalized. Indeed, our faculty, staff, sessional and stipendiary instructors, and faculty supervisors have worked extremely hard to create an energizing ethos of creativity, caring, and commitment.

I have two favourite quotes that I believe put aspects of our program into perspective. The first is Swift's comment that “He was a bold man who first ate an oyster.” The second is Hubbard's observation that “Anyone who says it can't be done will usually be interrupted by someone who is doing it.” In the Faculty of Education, we urge our faculty, staff, and students to be innovative, take risks, and make a difference in our community and beyond. Various projects come immediately to mind, including:

(1) research assistantships, where students work with professors to gather information, implement programs, gather and analyze data, and share results through publications or conference presentations

(2) several “in-the-trenches” mentoring initiatives that provide an opportunity for students to provide encouragement, direction, and support to needy young people.

(3) the Career Trek partnership, to guide “at-risk” children and youth into more productive educational and career paths

(4) the UWin Arts Camp, through which our instructors and students facilitate – at no cost to the participants – summer enrichment opportunities in art, music, and drama for inner-city children, and

(5) the Education Students' Anthology, which provides a forum for our pre-service teachers to say important things in interesting ways. Following a rigorous review process by faculty and a student editor, their work is compiled in the Anthology, and circulated widely throughout universities, school districts, and community agencies. In many ways, the Anthology epitomizes what we are about in the Faculty of Education. There are so many important facets to the project: identifying and nurturing the talents of emerging writers, providing a vehicle for expression, stretching students to generate and communicate ideas, reaching out to the field, and working together in thoughtful and productive collaboration.

And there are many other exciting endeavours. Embracing our institution's mandate of service and global citizenship, we are exploring international practicum opportunities in Thailand and elsewhere. To all prospective students, educators in the field, university colleagues, and others visiting this site, thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. And again, don't hesitate to call (204-786-9491) should you wish to talk in person.

Ken McCluskey, PhD
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Education