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Certificate Program

The Certificates in Urban and Inner-City Studies and in Community Advocacy, are 30-credit-hour programs designed especially for part-time students. Awarded annually by the Urban and Inner-City Studies program, the Certificates will indicate a pre-degree designation. Since the courses required for the Certificates are also part of the degree program, they can be used towards a 3-year, 4-year or Honours BA if the student chooses to continue his/her studies.


Students who take the following 30 credit hours of courses in the Urban and Inner-City Studies program are entitled to receive the Certificate in Urban and Inner-City Studies.

Take the following six courses:

UIC-1001(3)    Introduction to Urban and Inner-City Studies
DMISC-16476   Introduction to University-eligible for transfer credit (3) or
RHET-1105(3)   Academic Writing
UIC-2001(3)    Community Development
UIC-2020(3)    Colonization and Aboriginal Peoples
UIC-3001(6)    Urban and Inner-City Practicum
UIC 3020(3)    Women and the Inner City 

Choose at least three of the following courses:

UIC-2030(3)    Management and Financial Administration for Community Leadership
UIC-2210(3)    Introduction to Community Advocacy
UIC-2220(3)    Urban Poverty and Policy
UIC-2515(3)    History of Education in Winnipeg's Inner City
UIC-3030(3)    Urban and Community Planning
UIC-3035(3)    Human Resource Management for Community Leadership
UIC-3240(3)    Poverty and the Law
UIC-3050(3)    Immigration and the Inner City
UIC-3100(3)    Issues in Urban and Inner-City Studies
UIC 3430(3)    Housing and the Neighbourhood
ECON-1104(3) Introduction to Economic Theory
POL-2010(3)    Politics in the Inner City
GEOG 2415(3) Introduction to Urban Development


Students who take the following 24 credit hours of courses in the Urban and Inner-City Studies program, plus the 6 credit hours in Conflict Resolution Studies shown in Part B, are entitled to receive a Certificate in Community Advocacy.

Part A: Take ALL 18 credit hours of the following

UIC-2210(3) Introduction to Community Advocacy
UIC-2220(3) Urban Poverty & Policy
UIC-3040(3) Poverty and the Law
UIC-3210(3) Community Organizing
UIC-3220(6) Community Advocacy Internship

Part B: Take 6 credit hours from the following

CRS-2221(3) Restorative Justice
CRS-2231(3) Nonviolent Social Change
CRS-2421(3) Legal Systems and Alternative Dispute Resolution
CRS-2431(3) Negotiation Theory and Practice

Part C: Take 6 credit hours from the following

UIC-2001(3) Community Development
UIC-2020(3) Colonization and Aboriginal Peoples
UIC-3020(3) Women & the Inner City
UIC-3030(3) Urban & Community Planning
UIC-3050(3) Immigration & the Inner City
UIC-3100(3) Issues in Urban & Inner-City Studies
UIC-3430(3) Housing & the Neighbourhood   

For more information contact Academic Advisor:
Hannah Krenn
phone: 204.988.7196
email: h.krenn@uwinnipeg.ca