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Undergrad programs and courses

Please note: Some courses may have prerequisites or require departmental approval. All 4000 level honours courses require permission from the appropriate department.

All students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours from the core list: 

Core Courses:

Take the following six courses:

UIC-1001(3) Introduction to Urban and Inner-City Studies
ECON-1104(3) Introduction to Economic Theory or
ECON-1106(3) Economics of Development
UIC-2001(3) Community Development
UIC-2020(3) Colonization and Aboriginal Peoples
UIC-3001(6) Urban and Inner-City Practicum
UIC 3030(3) Urban and Community Planning

Choose at least five of the following:

UIC-2030(3) Management and Financial Administration for Community Leadership
UIC 2210(3) Introduction to Community Advocacy
UIC 2220(3) Urban Poverty and Policy
UIC 2515(3) History of Education in Winnipeg’s Inner City
POL 2010(3) Politics in the Inner City
UIC-3020(3) Women and the Inner City
UIC-3035(3) Human Resource Management for Community Leadership
UIC-3240(3) Poverty and the Law
UIC-3050(3) Immigration and the Inner City
UIC 3100(3) Issues in Urban and Inner-City Studies
UIC 3430(3) Housing and the Neighbourhood
UIC-4001(3 or 6) Directed Readings in Urban and Inner-City Studies
UIC-4445(3) Urban Aboriginal Seminar