Comments and Feedback


“It is up to every Canadian to be an ally in the journey to achieving both truth and reconciliation.” Kailey Bradco YouthUnited@Winnipeg student participant

“Working in a non-profit organization related to my area of study is incredibly exciting. I also wanted to participate in theis program for the intensive course dealing with issues related to reconciliation, decolonization and implementing the TRC Calls to Action tangibly in my city. My diverse ancestry consisting of Eastern European Mennonite and Anishinaabe, has fostered a unique lived understanding of cross cultural relationships and the need for building bridges.” Rachel Petkau YouthUnited@Winnipeg student participant

“Many cities in the US have an “urban peace corps,” but YouthUnited, with its focus on reconciliation, is truly a made-in-Canada program bringing together suburban and inner-city youth.” Brian Mayes City Councillor