Inner-City Work Study is seeking students!

Urban and Inner City Studies

Applications for Spring & Summer 2021

We are seeking students for the Inner-City Work Study program for the spring and summer session of 2021.

The work: Students are paid to work at an inner-city community based organization. The work placements provide students with practical experience working with inner-city residents and community leaders in the spirit of reconciliation.

Employment partners include: Ka Ni Kanichihk, the Indigenous Women's Healing Centre, the Graffiti Art Progrmming, John Howard Society, Spence Neighbourhood Association, the North Point Douglas Women's Centre, CEDA Pathways to Education, Food Matters Manitoba, Onashowewin, Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council / Welcome Place, the Immigrant Centre, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata, 1JustCity, West Broadway Community Organization, and many others.

The study: In addition to the work placement, students will pay for and take a one day a week 6 credit hour course. UIC-3230 Inner-City Work Study for academic credit.  Throughout the course students will be introduced to relevant theories and practices explaining intergenerational, geographically concentrated poverty, and urban and neighbourhood development theories. They will learn about strategies centered on community practice, citizen mobilization, engagement, and empowerment. Most importantly, students will learn to connect these theories with their work in the inner city, using strategies and tools that can help communities from within as well as building bridges across the divides.

The program uses a roving-classroom, ensuring that students participate in diverse community settings and cultural experiences. Upon completion of the course, students participate in a student-led conference to share their learnings and experiences.


Applications for the spring and summer 2021 session are now open.

Deadline is January 19, 2021

Upload your cover letter and resume using the link below. In your cover letter explain your interest in the program, your understanding of the strengths and challenges faced by inner-city communities, and why you are a strong candidate for this program: 

Apply for the Inner City Work Study program for 2021

If you have any questions please contact Kerniel Aasland at or 204-297-3948

The fine print - what you should know: 

  • Because students are paid for the work placements they do not qualify as volunteer practicums.
  • Preference is given to applicants who have taken at least one Urban and Inner-City Studies course and have completed at least 30 credit hours.
  • Students must pay for their course.

Covid-19 and ICWS

Roving classroom: Some elements of the program will be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will do everything we can to continue using a roving-classroom model while ensuring that students and the community maintain necessary social distancing requirements in place while the class is in session. This may affect how many classes are offered in the community. 

Community work placements: We expect that upcoming community work placements will be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many community based organizations want to host student work placements, and we will work with them to find ways to make this possible while maintaining necessary social distancing requirements in place while the class is in session. We also recognize that this is a fluid and changeable situation. We will keep our student participants and our community partners as informed and up to date as possible.