Training and Training Plan


In order to provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment and as per the University's Safety and Health Policy, a training plan has been developed to ensure appropriate safety and health training is provided to employees, students, contractors, Workplace Safety and Health Committee members, and other specific groups as required.

This plan has been developed to ensure compliance with the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Legislation; where practicable, minimum requirements are exceeded.  The University will consult with the Workplace Safety & Health Committee regarding Occupational Safety and Health training matters as appropriate.


Each faculty member/lab instructor/department manager/supervisor will ensure that appropriate training is provided to all employees/students/contractors.  The training must be specific to the hazards/risks.


The Safety Office will provide/coordinate training as per requirements and/or when requested by manager/supervisor.  Training costs will be paid by the Safety Office where the training is delivered by Safety Office Personnel (unless otherwise indicated -i.e. requirement for specialized equipment to ensure training is effective and meets requirements of legislation).   Training costs resulting from hiring of outside expertise will be discussed and agreed to amongst stakeholders prior to delivery of training.


Training provided/facilitated by the Safety Office:

- When training is provided and delivered by the Safety Office, the Safety Office will forward the training documentation to the employee's departmental manager/supervisor for their records.

Training provided/facilitated by the Department:

Where safety and health related training is completed and delivered directly by the department, the department must ensure the Safety Office is provided with a copy of the training record (click here for the Training Record Template).

When training records are received by the Safety Office from the department, the information will be entered into a database that is maintained by the Safety Office for the purpose of tracking information relative to individual training by department.

Training via On-Line (Nexus)

- When on-line training is provided through Nexus, training records will be maintained through Nexus.   It is expected that eventually, most training prepared and/or coordinated by the Safety Office will be available and completed on-line.  As more training becomes available on-line, the University community will be notified accordingly.

Training Record Retention

- Faculty members/lab instructors/managers/supervisors must ensure training records are kept for at least 5 years from the date of training.   Records must be readily available and accessible to appropriate authorities (i.e. Government Safety Officers, UWinnipeg Safety Office personnel) when requested.   


- All training will be repeated every 3 years for each individual, unless otherwise requested by the Safety Office or required as per Legislation and/or Certifying Body. 


- Competency Tests shall be provided by the training facilitator in the following manner to ensure the information provided was understood: demonstration and/or written test or other means.  Completion of competency tests must be recorded and kept for 5 years.

AVAILABLE TRAINING OFFERED- Will be announced through Communication Bulletin


Various training offerings will be offered.  Watch for these through Communication Bulletin and Safety Office Website.