Incident Investigation Procedures


These procedures have been developed to ensure injuries/incidents are investigated promptly to:

  1. Prevent re-injury or re-occurrence of incident
  2. Comply with the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, Sections 2.6 through 2.10.


  • Worker: Means an employee or another person performing a service for the University including a contractor
  • Supervisor: means a person who has charge of a workplace or authority over a worker.
  • Serious Incidents:

(a) in which a worker is killed;

(b) in which a worker suffers

(i)  an injury resulting from electrical contact,

(ii)  unconsciousness as the result of a concussion,

(iii)  a fracture of his or her skull, spine, pelvis, arm, leg, hand or foot,

(iv)  amputation of an arm, leg, hand, foot, finger or toe,

(v)  third degree burns,

(vi)  permanent or temporary loss of sight,

(vii) a cut or laceration that requires medical treatment at a hospital as defined in The Health Services Insurance Act, or

(viii) asphyxiation or poisoning; or

(c)  that involves

 (i)  the collapse or structural failure of a building, structure, crane, hoist, lift, temporary support system or excavation,

(ii)  an explosion, fire or flood,

(iii)  an uncontrolled spill or escape of a hazardous substance, or

(iv) the failure of an atmosphere‑supplying respirator.

  • Incident or Other Dangerous Occurrence:

a) Incident that injures a person and results in the person requiring medical treatment, or

b) Incident that had the potential to cause a serious incidents

  • Non-serious Incident: 

a)  Incident that injures a person, but does not result in the person requiring medical treatment.

b) Incident that does not have the potential to cause a serious incident, however, requires corrective action to ensure the incident does not re-occur

Investigation Procedures

Incident Report Form


The following shall receive specific training in the investigation procedures and corrective action processes.

  1. Committee Members and Co-chairs
  2. Department Heads and Supervisors

All workers and contractors will be made aware of the procedures via Communication Bulletin and through their Supervisors.

The Safety Office will provide and coordinate training for existing and new Committee members and refreshers every 3 years or sooner dependent on the change of processes and/or changes in the Act and Regulations.

Training will be delivered using on-line learning and/or in person.

Record Keeping

The Safety Office will keep all incident reports and investigation reports for at least 5 years from the date of completion.