Health & Safety Committee

Safety Office

Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations 2016 [opens in a new window]

The primary role of the University's Health and Safety Committee is to oversee all matters of health and safety at the University.  The duties of the Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Bring forward concerns from employees 
  • Help to identify hazards and risks to the safety and health and welfare of employees
  • Develop and promote programs for educating and informing employees
  • Make recommendations to the University concerning the safety and health of employees
  • Participate in regular workplace inspections
  • Participate in investigations relevant to accident/incidents, unsafe work refusal, and stop work
  • Maintain records
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Safety and Health Program

Committee Terms of Reference

Committee Members

Name Representation and Position
Roberta Marsh Univ. - Chief Human Resources Officer Co-chair
Mike Thul Univ. - Director, Physical Plant
Julia Peemoeller Univ. - Comptroller, Finan. Serv.
Kyle MacDonald Univ. - Executive Director, Infrastructure
Vacant Employer Alternate
Trevor Day IUOE - HVAC Technician
Steven Shwaykosky IUOE - Engineer Alternate
Deanna Pollock Excl. Employees - Mgr., Ins. Capital Acct.
Derek Spencer UWFA - Faculty Member
Kelly Gorkoff UWFA - Faculty Member
Katherine Breward UWFA - Faculty Member 
Paul Holloway UWFA - Faculty Member 
Natasha Taiarol AESES - Technician Co-Chair
Jillian Golby-Borsa AESES - Administrative Manager
Peter Balagus AESES - Technician
Karolya Vargscarr UWSA
Vacant UWSA
Vacant PSAC

Resource persons for the Health and Safety Committee:

  • Kevin Smith, Manager, Safety and Health
  • Doug Brownridge, Occupational Safety Officer
  • Sangita Shah, Lab Safety Officer
  • Tabitha Wood, Chair, Science Lab Safety Subcommittee
  • Marty Grainger, Director, Security Services
  • Wade Carriere, Manager, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery
  • Jennifer Trotman, Director of Campus Living