Asbestos Management Program

Asbestos Management Program (AMP)

At the University of Winnipeg, asbestos containing materials (ACM) exist in older buildings as is common with many structures.  UWinnipeg has been working to reduce the amount of ACM on campus and maintains an extensive inventory of the location and condition of known asbestos installations. 

Asbestos is harmful if prolonged exposures occur when fibers are released to the air without controls in place.  Release of the asbestos fibres may occur during renovations to offices and/or buildings, and to control the risk of such an exposure, UWinnipeg follows regulations prior to, and during any renovation project.  The asbestos survey, or inventory, is one of the critical components aimed at controlling asbestos exposure to our employees, contractors, students, and visitors to our campus.   

What Should You Do if You Have Concerns About Asbestos?

If you see or suspect an asbestos exposure issue or have concerns regarding any potential exposure to asbestos, please discuss this with your supervisor or Department Head. Contact the Safety and Health Specialist at 204-782-2588.