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Campus First Aid

Listed are the people on campus who have been trained under the Workplace Safety and Health Act as first aid providers and the areas in which they work. If your name appears on the list, you can also check to see when your certification expires. All certification lasts two years from the date of training.

For more information about how to get involved in first aid training on campus, or to correct information on this page, contact the safety office

Name Department Building Level Certification Date
Kelsey Saboraki Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Cora Romanow Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Rafael Otfinowski Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Victory Coffey Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Anne-Charlotte Olivier Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Rebecca Carter  Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Troy Williams Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Haven Soto Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Lauren Nash Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Paola Geronimo Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Sarah Teillet Biology RCFE FA1 5/25/2018
Brian Wait Physical Plant Lockhart FA1 5/25/2018
Michael K. Osei  RecPlex RecPlex FA1 5/25/2018
Nadya Alahakoon Urban and Inner City Studies Merchants Corner FA1 3/16/2018
Robert Katyrynuik UW CRC Facilities Rice FA1 3/16/2018
Sandy Tolman History Ashdown FA1 3/16/2018
Sean Mazur RecPlex RecPlex FA2 3/16/2018
Manuel Badajos RecPlex RecPlex FA2 3/16/2018
Alliana DeVera RecPlex RecPlex FA2 3/16/2018
Derrek Brogan RecPlex RecPlex FA2 3/16/2018
Tanner Kornelson  RecPlex RecPlex FA2 3/16/2018
Serena Keshavjee Cultural Studies Ashdown FA1 6/2/2017
Christopher Brauer Theatre & Film Asper FA1 6/2/2017
Monica Loewen Biology RCFE FA1 6/2/2017
Carolyn Smallwood Psychology Lockhart FA1 6/2/2017
Ted Turner UWSA Riddell FA1 6/2/2017
Roberto Urrea TSC Centennial FA1 6/2/2017
Helen Lepp Friesen Rhetorics, Writing, Comm Graham  FA1 6/2/2017
Kristi Heather Kenyon Global College Menno Simons FA1 6/2/2017
Dagmawit Eshetu Habtemariam  Graduate Studies RCFE FA1 6/2/2017
Sayda Ibrahim Daycare Daycare FA1 10/10/2017
Stavroula Giannakoulis Daycare Daycare FA1 10/10/2017
April Keenan Physical Plant Lockhart FA1 10/10/2017
Jeff Booth Aboriginal Student Services Lockhart FA1 10/10/2017
Helen Cholakis Alumni Affairs Rice FA1 10/10/2017
Shelley Tulloch Anthropology Centennial FA1 10/10/2017
Trevor Day Facilities Manitoba FA1 10/10/2017
Malcolm Bird Political Science Lockhart FA1 10/10/2017
Taylor Kerelluke Student Services Rice FA1 10/10/2017
Greg Allan  Accessibility Services Manitoba FA1 10/10/2017
Daniel Mathen Library Centennial FA1 10/10/2017
Akiko Fuchisawa  Religion & Culture Manitoba FA1 10/10/2017
Jeffrey Newmark  Religion & Culture Manitoba FA1 10/10/2017
Kerniel Aasland Urban and Inner City Studies Merchants Corner FA1 9/26/2018
Bonique Dawiskiba-Clark UWSA Bike Lab FA1 9/26/2018
Melissa Dupuis Institutional Analysis Wesley FA1 9/26/2018
Courtney Fields Geography Lockhart FA1 9/26/2018
Justin Friesen Psychology Centennial FA1 9/26/2018
Ebony Novalkowski Library Centennial FA1 9/26/2018
Chukwuebuka Onyeme Chemistry RCFE FA1 9/26/2018
David Rimke Physical Plant Lockhart FA1 9/26/2018
Brad Russell Geography Map Library FA1 9/26/2018
Kevin Smith Health & Safety Graham  BLS 12/17/2023
Inga Johnson Mychasiw  Student Services Rice FA1 12/17/2017
Laverna Eidse Financial Services Rice FA1 12/17/2017
Rick Schmidt  Menno Simons College Menno Simons FA1 12/17/2017
Daniel Sheppard TSC Centennial FA1 12/17/2017
Rhonda McLean PACE Buhler FA1 12/17/2017