Workplace Inspections

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The purpose of inspections includes the following objectives, as part of a comprehensive Safety and Health Program at UWinnipeg:

  • Identification of health and safety hazards;
  • Establishment of preventive controls;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of controls.

 To be effective, they must be performed regularly and be an integral part of a systematic accident/incident prevention program.

Workplace inspections are done throughout the UWinnipeg campus.   Inspections are completed in all areas, including offices, classrooms, laboratories, mechanical rooms, storage areas, etc., and are reported on at the quarterly Workplace Safety and Health Committee meetings.  Inspections serve to support and improve other elements of the Workplace Safety and Health Program components. Schedules are developed in consultation with University Departments.  The Safety Office and members of the Workplace Safety and Health Committee participate in the inspection process. 

Follow Up:

  • Completed reports are reviewed by participants and recorded using iAuditor.
  • Inspection reports are forwarded by the Safety Office to the Department Head/Dean/Manager/Supervisor(s), as appropriate for their review and action.
  • Completed reports are stored by the Safety Office for appropriate follow up. 


  • Completed inspections are reported and discussed at Workplace Safety and Health Committee meetings