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First Aid / Medical Assistance / First Aid Kit Access

Employees/Students/Visitors/Contractors may obtain medical assistance through the following sources:

  1. Wellness Centre - Nurse to provide assistance
  2. Security Services - Security Staff with First Aider Certificate
  3. Trained First Aiders

Non-emergent medical assistance:

  • If you suffered a minor injury and require a band-aid and other first aid supplies, use the departmental first aid kit.  Ensure you are aware of the location of the first aid kit.
  • Call or visit the Wellness Centre - Room 1D24 - in Duckworth Centre.   Contact: 204-786-9496.  Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

In House - Medical Assistance:

  • If you require emergent first aid assistance, call the Security Office, at 204-786-6666.
  • In addition to calling Security, if you are aware that emergency first aiders exist in your building or your department, summon additional assistance while you wait for Security.
  • In addition, if deemed serious, call 9-1-1.

Serious Injury requiring Paramedics:

  • Call 9-1-1 then - Call Security 204-786-6666

Accident/Incident Report Form:

All injuries/incidents must be reported to the Safety Office using the incident report form

First Time Purchase of a First Aid Kit or AED:

  • The purchase of first aid kits (MB Regulation or Personal First Aid Kit) or AED's is the responsibility of the department with approval from their Department Head.
  • Once approved, the request for purchase is made through the Safety Office.  Request through email safety@uwinnipeg.ca.  You will then be provided with supplier information and in turn you will be required to purchase through a purchase order form with your account number and sent to Purchasing for processing.
  • The Safety Office will record all departments with first aid kits and AEDs (See: Location of AEDs).

Replenishment of First Aid Kit Contents:

  • The department needs to ensure that the first aid kits are regularly checked to ensure contents are according to the Regulations and are replenished when required.
  • Requests for replenishment by completing the online form:  
    Follow the instructions.

Internal First Aid Training or AED Training Provided/Coordinated by the Safety Office:

The Safety Office provides First Aider I training at regular intervals through the calendar year. Please contact the Safety Office if you require specific training or watch the staff bulletin for upcoming training dates.