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Safety Office

To promote, educate, and implement safety and health at The University of Winnipeg. To accomplish this mission, safety must be seen as a responsibility shared by all. It begins with you and includes your supervisor, department heads, local safety committees, Deans, University Administration, and the central safety committee of the University.

The Safety Office is located in room 2C11 in Centennial Hall.

Who's Your Safety Champion?

The Safety Office is looking for help finding people who are making a difference to the safety and health of the workplace in large or small ways - everyone has a responsibility to work safely and to report on hazards. If you know someone who has done something to make the workplace safer, use this form to nominate them so their actions can be recognized by the Workplace Safety and Health Committee.

Nominate your Safety Champion here.

Hazard Reporting Online

If you see a hazard on campus that you feel could be unsafe to workers or the public, please report hazards to the Safety Office for follow up with the Workplace Safety and Health Committee.

Report your Safety Concern here.

AEDs on Campus

The university provides public access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to all parts of campus in order to meet a three minute "drop-to-shock" objective in emergency situations. Attention has been placed on high-risk areas like the Fitness Center, Raquet Courts, Gymnasium, Recplex, and public gathering spaces like cafeterias.

For a complete list of AEDs on campus near where you work or study, click here

First Aid Training

UWinnipeg was recognized in 2022 with the SAFEwork/St. John Ambulance Award of Excellence in Workplace First Aid for exceeding legislative requirements for workplace training. The Safety Office is providing training on campus four times per year. The course is provided by the St. John's Ambulance and successfull completion will provide the learner with Basic First Aid certification.

Click here to register for a Basic First Aid Course

De-Escalating Potentially Violent Situations

The Safety Office is offering training to support employees who may deal with challenging situations in their workplace, or are interested in learning more about how to respond to expressions of stress and anger in its various forms. Click here to register

Manitoba Health Information on Coronavirus

The situation with Covid-19 or Coronavirus is changing. Find the latest information from Manitoba Health for status updates and information on the fundamantals of isolation and quarantine by clicking here. (New Window)

Check UWinnipeg's COVID-19 website regularly for ongoing updates. 

Safe Removal of Needles/Syringes

Campus community members are advised to contact UWinnipeg Security Services for safe disposal of any drug paraphernalia found on campus grounds. Items such as needles and syringes may be contaminated and are not safe to handle; they should be removed only by those trained to do so, such as campus security officers.

For more information on what to do if you find a needle/syringe or similar item on campus, please visit the Personal Safety page on the Campus Security Services website.

Safety Office Staff

Manager, Safety and Health

Kevin Smith can be reached at 204.786.9894 or if urgent: 204.782.2588

Laboratory and Research Safety and Health Specialist

Geetika Bassi can be reached at 204 258 3066