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Retail Landscape

Recent Reports

  • Confronting the Illusion: Developing a Method to Identify Food Mirages and Food Deserts in Winnipeg.  Wiebe, K., Distasio, J., Shirtliffe, R. (2016).  IUS In-Brief Series.  Report (PDF)Presentation (PDF)Poster (PDF)
  • Shopping for a Change: Using GIS to Measure the Food Security Impact of a New Downtown Grocery Store.  Werner, A. (2015).  Presentation (PDF)
  • Downtown Grocery Stores: Mapping of Existing Against Demographics. Werner, A., McCullough, S. (2013).  Map (PDF)
  • A Global Market in the Heart of Winnipeg: Measuring and Mapping the Social and Cultural Development of Food in the Central Market for Global Families. Wiseman, K., Distasio, J., Ngarboui, R. (2009).  Report (PDF)
  • Supermarket Redlining and Food Deserts: Characterizing Food Insecurity and Urban Decline. Schram, M. (2009).  Student Paper Series.  Paper (PDF)

Older Reports

  • Big Boxes, Power Centres and the Evolving Retail Landscape of Winnipeg: A Geographical Perspective. Lorch, B. (2004).   Report (PDF)
  • The Geography of Income Within Manitoba's Capital Region. Lorch, B. (2003).  Report (PDF)
  • A Comparative Analysis of Major Suburban Shopping Nodes in Winnipeg. Lorch, B.J. (2002).  Report (PDF)
  • The Big Box: Retail Sprawl in Winnipeg. Janzen, T. (2002).  Student Paper Series.  Paper (PDF)
  • The Impact of the University of Winnipeg on Retailing in Downtown Winnipeg. Janzen. T. (2001).  Report (PDF)
  • Report on the Student Impact Survey. Janzen, T. (2001).  Report (PDF)
  • Manufacturing in Winnipeg & Manitoba: A Quantitative Overview. Snidal, D.J. (1982).  Research and Working Paper No.6.  Paper (PDF)
  • Farm Implement Firms as Symptomatic of the Rise of Region Grain Cities: Winnipeg and Minneapolis, 1876-1926. Fay, T.J. (1980).  Report (PDF)
  • A Market Analysis and Feasibility Study for EMBLA Ltd. Renovators. DeRoo, J., McKee, C. (1978).  Report (PDF)
  • The Role of Private Financial Institutions in Older Winnipeg Neighbourhoods. Rossen, M. (1986).  Report (PDF)